Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro
Kornit Avalanche Water Based Ink

NeoPoly Technology combines NeoPigment Olympia Ink and the Poly Pro to capture the$33 Billion Polyester Industry

Together, they are set to revolutionize polyester printing, overcoming challenges while adding the many advantages of digital textile printing.

NeoPoly Technology powers your business

  • Profitability: Profitable from the very first garment, even for short-run printing
  • Durability: Meets the sports industry's high durability standards
  • Sustainability: Meets global sustainability requirements
  • Creativity: Easy on-demand, customized, and photorealistic printing
  • Productivity: A unique single-step process for both white and dark garments
Say goodbye to
dye-migration, limited design options, minimum quantity per-order, and long and costly set-up procedures.
Welcome the
smartest, most cost-efficient single-step process for polyester printing.
Enjoy added advantages without any added time or cost.
No compromises.